Building Together

A bit more about us

Groovemuse is dedicated to providing resources for those on a path similar to ours. We are not for everyone, nor do we want to be, but for those that resonate we want to be our absolute best. We started Groovemuse to remind us what matters, to keep our heads and hearts where they belong, and most importantly to provide younger versions of ourselves with the guides and insights we needed so many years ago.


Skip Blankley

As an author and the Founder of Groovemuse, Skip brings his unique perspective to the table full of insights around fatherhood, family, business, personal growth, healing from trauma, and making the most of the every day. From a very young age he knew that the typical path was not for him, and there was more to everything than his upbringing could provide. What started as curiosity and inquiry turned into a life of questioning the status quo and forging a path unique to him that allowed for the exploration of various interests including music, philosophy, martial arts, health, art, film, and much more. What he has learned, and continues to learn, he shares here.


Coren Smith

Coren’s mission mission is to fuel the evolution of humanity; and one of the best tools we have for this is ART. To him, music has a special place among the arts. Music fuels us like no other art. We love music so much that it can make our bodies move, our hearts soar, it can change our whole outlook on life and existence. Music means so much to each of us; it is both universal and personal at the same time. Music transcends all boundaries. It is his goal to bring real guitar instruction to the masses so that we may better ourselves as musicians, and as a humanity.