Sunrise landscape view of Zhinvali lake and mountains, Country of Georgia

I have learned a lot of lessons over the years building businesses, here are a few of my favorites.

1. Health is priority one.

Your health is everything. Without an able body, you will never enjoy the fruits of your labor. Work hard on your business but work harder on your body and mind. Run, walk, ride, stretch, breathe and push yourself physically.

2. There Are a Lot of “Chumps” Pulling This “Entrepreneur” Thing Off

I don’t care your industry if you want to build a business but you are worried about your competition I will show you a room full of idiots that are getting paid (well) to do what you want to do. Build your empire and crush them!

3. People Are Your Most Valuable Asset

The right people, in the right place, at the right time, having the right conversation can change the world forever. The more people you talk to about things that matter the closer you all get to pulling off your dreams.

4. Time is an Illusion

We all get 24 hours in a day. Use the shit out of them. Find out what is wasting your time and stop, find out what is the best use of your time and do it, a lot!

5. Happiness is a Warm Gun

Indecision is a plague, and if you want to do anything with your life you have to pull the fucking trigger. We get plenty of rounds, who gives a damn if you miss the bullseye on that first shot. Reload and pull it again!

6. Family Family Family

Surround yourself with those you love and that love you back. If there is ever a better way to spend the hours in your day it is spending it with those that you love.

I hope this inspired you. I welcome you to return the favor! Leave a comment!

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