Dream With Me… For a Moment

In my last post, I outlined what I want this site to be. I mentioned that the mission was to become my best self, help others do the same, or something to that effect.

I just got done making some updates to the site and I was about to dig my teeth into the work I have on my list today but felt compelled to write one more time.

I want to outline what I dream of. Not just for this site but for myself, for my family, for friends, the community, and humanity as a whole.

I want nothing more than for every person on the planet to have access to an education that prevents ignorance from spreading like a disease. I want critical thinking and the ability to solve problems, from the simple to the impossible, to be the driving force behind everyone’s existence.

We face substantial hurdles today and they will likely get worse before they get better, and if there is anything the last couple years of my life have taught me it is that when faced with fear, we each retreat to a safe place.

That safe place is unfortunately one full of more fear, less love, more malice, less compassion, more hate, and less empathy.

I have my version of that, and I still struggle with understanding why people behave the way they do. It pains me to no end to see the pain, fear, and malevolence coursing through the veins of so many.

Nothing we are experiencing is new, what is new is the mechanisms and the tools and the platforms we each have to divide ourselves. Not just from our neighbors but from ourselves.

I have commented several times since the start of the pandemic that the virus making us sicker than covid itself is that of the mind.

We have all been inoculated with fear and we have distanced ourselves from the empathetic creatures we once were.

Did the pandemic just amplify what we were already a part of? Did it just fuel a fire that has never been fully put out? I am almost certain of it, but what it has done is radicalize so many people and because the warfare has been taking place online, we no longer see our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters, we see trolls, we see the enemy.

I have no solution other than to do my very best to inspire those that are not too far gone to find a middle ground again. To maybe convince those that have lost their way to find themselves, and get back on a path of love, not one of fear.

I want my son to grow up in a world that is not on fire, but one that has it’s problems, as it always will, but at least encourages him to do what is right. To stand up for values that lead to better outcomes.

We can do this, we can pull back from the edge, we can find hope in the far corners of the mess and shine the light on it.

I am hopeful we can do just that.

The old ways are dying. The mainstream media is fading into oblivion. The giants will fall and it is up to you and me to make sure that in their place is individuals that care, people that can carry the torch into a future that does not suck.

I sit here writing this, and feel deep within me that we can and will reclaim our humanity. We will rise from the ashes with a world that does not burn with hate and fear, but one that lights the dreams of even the darkest days.

We as individuals must turn inward. Find ourselves in the cacophony, listen to that inner voice pleading for a compassionate path, leave behind the fear, and shed our hate.

We have it within us. We were born with it, but have lost our way. Find it. Again.

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