Mistaking Laziness for Enlightenment

This is a manifesto or sorts. A declaration of what I plan on spending the rest of my days building. At the very least this should act as a reminder that I have been at this point too many times to count and I am finally at the point in my life when the measurable results I have been inching towards my whole life, need to be fueled in a way that I no longer use excuse, no longer fall short, no longer get lazy and call it enlightenment.

The human race has a very important cognitive impairment that makes us thriving machines. We are where we are because we have brain chemistry that pushes us to achieve.

Dopamine is a chemical our brains produce to keep us moving toward what feels good, and away from what feels bad. It keeps us motivated to continue to push ourselves beyond what is comfortable in order to survive and then thrive.

What has happened to me, and I believe several others is that we hare now surviving, and our thriving initiatives have been turned down and we call it enlightenment.

We believe that we no longer need to push ourselves, we no longer need to grow, we no longer need to keep up with the Joneses, so stop pushing ourselves due to contentment.

While there is wisdom in that, when left unchecked, it can lead to a lack of drive and eventually laziness.

I have recognized this trend in myself, and to be honest I was not really able to put my finger on it until I watched a video of the Daily Stoic Podcast with authors Ryan Holiday and

In the episode they discuss a lot and dig into several philosophical elements that we should all find interesting, but what I found to resonate the most was what they discussed in just the first few minutes of their conversation.

Stay The Course

If you are anything like me, then at some point you woke up one morning and realized you had strayed far from your path. The one you set out on many years prior. Of course this does not need to happen after waking up but at some point it may occur to you that the goals you set, the person you set out to become, the life you were looking for was missing some or several peices.

There are elements of my life that I am absolutely thrilled about, as a matter of fact, I am married to what I consider to be the perfect woman. She has her flaws of course, as we all do, but she is perfect for me. She motivates the shit out of me and is an absolutely amazing person inside and out.

We are also about to have our first child. His arrival is simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying thing I have ever experienced to date. I am excited because I cannot wait to be a father. I am of course terrified because I want to be the best father I can be for this little guy, and like everything else in life, I feel like I am going to fall short of perfect.

That is inevitable, I am most certainly going to fall short from time to time, but that is the point. You fuck up, you correct course, and you grow.

We also just bought a house that is perfect for us in so many ways. We are building our lives and starting our family and making our house a home, and all of that other cheesy shit, and at the end of the day I am thrilled about all of it. Seriously.

But I worry. I worry that I won’t be the best husband, the best father, the best son, the best son-in-law, the best brother, the best friend, the best, business owner, and so many others.

And back the main point, I am realizing that most of this doubt is coming from me not achieving. I am not living up to my potential because I am not getting the right things done. I am getting shit done. Every damn day. But I am not doing work that excites me, I don’t feel fulfilled in my work, I don’t love what I currently do for a living.

I love business, and building them. I love meeting new and interesting people doing cool shit. I love the artistry and alchemy that is business. But I need to do work that motivates me, gets me out of bed excited AF every damn day.

So here it is. I have been lazy, I have been chasing the wrong goals, I have been filling my days with work that does not serve me the way I know other work will. I am building the businesses I wan to build, I am writing about what I want to write about, I am pushing myself and others to be our best selves.

If you are wondering what exactly pushed me to this moment, stay tuned as I will be telling several stories in the years to come.

But to kick things off, I have been off track for too long. I know what I want and I know what I need. Now it’s my turn, to get what’s mine. Want to join me?

Just a Peice of the Puzzle

The video below is what drive me to action this morning. There are literally hundreds of examples of podcasts, videos, books, blogs, songs and art that have pushed me over the years, but for now, enjoy just this one.

Join Us?

This will most certainly evolve over time. I know that my goal with this site and my other ventures is to make the world a better place. I think there is no better way to do that than through personal growth and education. This site will be dedicated to both. I have been studying personal development for over 2 decades at this point and have found so much useful information out there.

There is a lot of shit too. I want to bring you what I know works, what has worked for me, what I have seen work for others, and then start pushing the envelope to find new ways of being better people.

I will soon have a son. I want nothing more than for him to be happy, safe, and driven to be the best he can be. Leading by example is how I plan to provide that wisdom, and I will be doing the same through this site. If you’d like to join the mission, please subscribe on YouTube and join our newsletter.

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