3 Hours of 432 hz Ambient Chill Music for Studying, Working, Focusing, Chilling, & Meditating.

This track is perfect for concentration no matter what your task is. The track is 3 hours in length with no interruptions. Just one long continuous ambient track for you to chill, relax, study, work, sleep or meditate to.

We recommend listening to this track on headphones with noise-canceling technology for optimal focus and attention while working, meditating, or just relaxing.

Whether you are studying for an exam, writing an essay, coding a website or an app, writing a book, meditating, relaxing while reading, or just chilling, this track and accompanying visuals are perfect.

Look Within is a track produced by Coren Smith and Groovemuse, and mastered by James Fairey. This track is perfect background music for meditation, focus, studying, and working.

Groovemuse is dedicated to helping you be the very best version of yourself through mindfulness guides, resources, and even music to help you get the work done you need to get done to make the world a better place.

© Copyright: Music composed by Coren Smith

All tracks are tuned to 432 hz for deep healing and relaxation.

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