It is this simple; leave EVERYTHING in better shape than you found it. Apply this to your life across the board and life will be better in every way.

Next time you come home to the family, tell yourself that making their moods and lives a little bit better with your words and actions is all you need to do. Give your family your all, even if you are exhausted you can lighten their day up enough to make it better than it was before you walked in the room.

Next time you interact with a stranger in line at your local grocer make sure their day gets brightened just a bit. Compliment them, tell em’ a joke, offer to help load their groceries on the belt, maybe just exchange a smile and ask them how their day is going.

Next time you walk into work, tell yourself that you are going to leave your clients, your company, your resume, your to-do list, etc. in better shape than it was before you clocked out. Say “hi” to a coworker you have not talked to and tell them a funny story, or tell someone they have been kicking ass lately and you appreciate them.

Next time you leave your bathroom, make sure it is a little bit cleaner, rather than dirtier, than when you walked in. Wipe off the counter, scrub the toilet, clean the mirror, anything. Each of these takes less than one minute and can make life better when you are scrambling to clean up before your dinner guests show up.

This may seem obvious, but it isn’t. If you pay attention and start keeping tabs on whether or not you are actually making the world a better place you might be surprised.

These tiny changes in our day will resonate in several ways and I believe you will be happier.

What do you do every day that you could apply this to? Nothing you do is off-limits to this rule. Apply it to everything and see where it takes you.

Give it your all and make sure you are doing what you can to give back. Sometimes exchanging a smile and a “hi” can turn things around for that stranger you pass on the way to work.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ’Til your good is better and your better is best. — St. Jerome

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