I don’t know what it is about a good underdog story, but they get me every time. When someone comes back in the last minute, against all odds, to slay the dragon, I get the chills. Seeing someone accomplish their goals while facing various forms and levels of adversity inspires me like nothing else.

In most of these stories, you have someone that faces their fears and accepts the challenge the universe has presented them with. There is a rock bottom moment, or at least a defining moment, in their story that places them at a crossroads.

To move in one direction is to submit to the circumstances and retreat from greatness. To move in the other direction is to face your fears head-on, work your ass off, say no to the naysayers, and build your damn dream.

One aspect of these rock bottom moments that I believe is a critical component in the resurrection process is the deliberate and calculated engineering of your rise from the ashes. When shit hits the fan and you’re forced to reflect on what you have done to get you there, and our innate problem-solving skills are heightened as a survival mechanism.

We must seize these opportunities before they atrophy.

The moment of truth is when you decide to listen to your survival instincts or ignore them and slip into a victim mindset. It is not easy for most to make the conscious decision to move forward with what we fear most riding shotgun, but if we want to achieve what we want in life, it is necessary.

So use rock bottom to your advantage. Grab hold of the creative ideas that provide the road map to redemption. Use it as your defining moment where you become the “hero of your own movie” as Joe Rogan put it.

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