In the below video featuring one of my favorite speakers and thinkers of all time, Jordan Peterson presents one of the most incredible paradigm-shifting messages I have personally heard in quite some time.

The idea is quite simple, yet profound if you really put it in perspective. What he presents is a profound approach to using what you fear the most to propel you into the future you desire rather than letting it stand in your way.

Far too often we are guilty of letting the fear of the outcome of a decision we make drive us to inaction or making a worse decision.

If we instead use our imagination to simply fill the canvas of our mind with a portrait of what we would become if we let fear take the wheel for a number of years we will be left with no option but to move away from that reality as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The exercise is quite simple and can certainly be one of the most effective ways to build a better version of yourself and the future you actually want.

The approach I have taken is exactly what he maps out in this short video. You visualize and write out what your future would look like if you continued to let fear drive your decisions.

What would happen to you if you let the worst parts of you take the wheel for the next few years? Where would you end up? If you are human and have even a single flaw in your character, and you follow that thought exercise to the end, you would likely be left without friends, a family that does not want to see you, jobless, and unhealthy as they come.

You don’t think it would get that bad? I ask that you start with something as simple as bad eating habits… Let’s say you let yourself eat burgers, fries, and drink beers for every meal. Follow that path after a month, a year, 3 years. How badly would that single bad habit end up? What other bad habits would form as a result? I hope you get the point.

So now that you have the very worst you have to offer, the lowest form of being you can conjure, put that behind you as motivation to drive yourself into the future you do want.

This makes much more sense than letting the fear of making a decision stand between you and a potentially amazing future.

Another great point that Jordan Peterson brings up in this talk, is that if you operate from a mindset of damned if I and damned if I don’t you begin to realize that so long as your moral compass is calibrated and your values are a part of your decision-making process, there is no reason to stand by and not act.

If life is suffering, and there is nothing that can be done to avoid that suffering, you damn sure better lessen the suffering before you end up in your own private version of hell.

Put your fear behind you, paint a picture of what is worth fighting for, and move towards that beautiful mess.

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