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Your ability to build and maintain a strong level of focus is going to be your secret weapon and what keeps you employable.

Whiteboard Artist Unknown, Digital Rendering & Modifications by Skip Blankley

We are hard-wired for distraction and the world we live in is feeding us a level of chaos we have never seen.

I ask you to spend 5 minutes in total silence, and I mean no traffic noise, no music, no kids, no keyboard clacking, just you and your breath.

Pay attention to what that silence feels like. If your days are anything like mine or anyone else living and working in the city, you will barely recognize the emptiness of silence.

You will also realize just how rare it is. You may even begin to feel a bit of anxiety, and reach for your phone to distract you from the chaos that from within that now has the spotlight.

I bring up silence, solitude, and the time spent within it because I believe that this is where your ability to focus is born. Spending time emptying your head through mindfulness will make you a machine on fire with productivity.

I don’t just recommend doing this when you have that big project with that looming deadline, I would advise that this should be a daily practice in whatever you find yourself doing.

We will only achieve great things if we can turn off the noise, and allow our natural problem-solving abilities to make their way to the front lines of possibility.

Let it burn, let the world of chaos circle your dreams, but build your thing with relentless focus and determination.

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