Personal Growth Challenges

In the world of personal development and personal growth, the number of different ways you can challenge yourself to become a better human is certainly not lacking. From ice baths, to going totally sober for a month you can find a challenge that is just right for you.

When I say “just right for you” I am encouraging you to find something that is just beyond your comfort zone rather than diving into the deep end of the personal growth challenge pool.

The reason for this is simple. If you try a challenge that is too much for you, and you fail, you will become discouraged and less likely to participate in one of these challenges in the future. The point is not to fail but to succeed, to slowly build resilience over time while becoming the best version of yourself.

Why are these personal growth challenges so important? Well, it is pretty simple, life is hard, and if you are going to be any good at it you need to be able to do hard things. If you push yourself in one arena, you will find that it paves the way for you to accept larger and larger challenges with less of that nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that you can’t do it.

Lifting heavy weights for example will not only build muscle, strength, and even confidence but it is also conditioning your mind to push itself beyond your comfort zone. When you are about to give up on something, your mind will chime in and say, “you remember that time the other day when you pushed yourself to do 12 reps of that heavy shit when you only thought you had 10 in ya? Well, it’s time to do that shit with your mind, yo!”

What? That’s not what your inner voice sounds like? Well, maybe it should.

So here is a list of some of our favorite Personal Growth Challenges. Proceed at your own risk. Some of these might be a bit dangerous and we are not liable for any stupid shit that happens.

Ice Baths

Make Wim Hoff proud with this one. Take the plunge into a big bucket, a pond that has iced over, or just turn the hot water off at the end of your shower if you are just getting started. This one can for real be dangerous so never do it alone if there is a risk of drowning.

The benefits of this one include lowered blood pressure, increased immune function, and it will wake you up quicker than 4 shots of espresso.

Lift Heavy Shit

Don’t lift more than you are capable of and certainly don’t go throwing out your back, but lifting heavy weights will increase your mood, lower blood pressure (after you’re done of course), build strength, and increase your overall confidence.

Grab some kettlebells, dumbells, or some heavy shit in the shed and throw them around. Not literally, but pick them up and put them down. Get stronger, focus on your form, build muscle, build resilience, and rage.

Dopamine Detox

A dopamine detox will hands-down be one of the best things you can do as a challenge for personal growth. We are overloaded with dopamine these days with social media and instant gratification of all kinds.

This has a hugely negative impact on your mind, your motivation, and your drive to get shit done. Go on a dopamine detox to increase the odds of you actually getting shit done next time you get to work. Here is a great video explaining how dopamine works, and why you need a detox.

Write Your Goals

Writing out your goals can help you get laser-focused on what you want out of your career, relationships, and life in general. Obviously, it does not stop with simply writing them out, you need to make moves towards achieving these goals on a daily basis and track your progress.

Start with one category of your life and clearly define what you want. Then move through each category, and proceed to refine them until you have a few short sentences that encompass exactly what you want from those personal growth categories.

Compete In A Race

It does not have to be a marathon or a downhill ski race, but those are certainly options if that is your thing. The point is to sign up for a 5k, a road bike race, a Tough Mudder, or anything that involves you competing against others but is not one-on-one.

You want to compete against a group of people because there will always be people slower and weaker than you. Well almost every time, if there isn’t then you really have a lot of work to do and you should probably be hitting up all of these personal growth challenges before your next race.

Stay Sober

Choose a month, a year, or even a week if you really can’t imagine a month without your precious booze, pot, or whatever else you may be into, and abstain from that shit. Put it down and don’t touch it for as long as you can.

This is also a great dopamine reset that was mentioned previously. Replace the time you would have spent smoking, drinking, or whatever with something productive like yoga, reading, meditation, running, etc.

Choose Your Own Personal Growth Challenge

Nothing on this list strikes your fancy? Then make your own and then tell us about it on social or in the comments below. We would love to hear how you are challenging yourself these days.

We will also continue to add to this list as well as host our own personal growth challenges to keep things interesting in the community.

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